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saving everyone but yourself


part two of the sleepy road trip series.

sidenote: i'm nostalgic as heck and the early seasons of supernatural remind me of better days.

11 tracks
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god, this is making me emotional. i adore this show, always have and always will no matter what, and listening to this just. wow. it makes me nostalgic as fuck. this show has done so much for me. thank you for this playlist and for the unintentional bringing back of memories and feelings from the last thirteen years.

and the quotes you chose to go with the songs. holy shit, talk about a punch in the gut. i adore this, okay, i'm sorry, haha. thank you.

@CelticPyroKlepto thank you so much for your lovely comments! supernatural has given me more than i could ever return, so making playlists to describe the way it makes me feel is the least i could do. i started watching it a few years back and although i was a bit skeptical at first, the show quickly stole my heart. it is truly something special and a show i will always cherish.

okay so listening to part two also probably wasn’t conducive to doing hw but i couldn’t help it, this series is just so gorgeous and makes me nostalgic as hell too, you’ve really captured the feeling of the show, especially the early seasons, thank you so much for such a gorgeous selection of songs for a show that just means the world to me and so many others