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Best of Waxhole Records 2014

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Best cuts of all of Waxhole records releases from 2014.

Check them all @ https://waxholerecords.bandcamp.com/

Photo by www.Josephnoctum.com

  • Weird Dark Things (Feat. Khai) by Bronze Whale
  • 2. Rise by DRRTYWULVZ
  • Winter Is Coming by True Key
  • Self Acceptance by Clozee
  • Dylan (Bwoy De Bhajan's Spring Edition) (Official Remix) by John LaMonica
  • Say It (BAILE Remix) by Bronze Whale
  • Ame Solitaire (produced By Whitest Black) by Khai & Alexa Lusader
  • Elise (Hit Rewind) Waxhole Chilled Wax Vol. 2 Compilation by Resonata
8 tracks
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