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Too drunk to fuck PART II


18 wild style mixed tracks including music by mixes/songs/I%20walk%20the%20line" title="Search for mixes with I walk the line">I walk the line, mixes/songs/King%20Tiger" title="Search for mixes with King Tiger">King Tiger and mixes/songs/Muse" title="Search for mixes with Muse">Muse - cheers and stüsschen

17 tracks
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Sounds like a great mix to me.. give me a couple of months more of lessons tho and I might win :P
feel free to add me to facebook.. prozac.logic@gmail.com
bis dann :P

chrchrchr ....funny...then we can say you speak a bad german and i speak a verry bad englisch... nice...friendship for ever..haha

Oh wow mei deustsch ist nicht gud. Thats probably totally wrong cause I;m a littttle bit drunk and not that great so far :P
Thats why I moved to Berlin :P