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ϟCrying Lightningϟ


Ay, I'm back again with my cheesy Arctic Monkey titled playlists. I felt very "in-the-mood" to make a Kevin/Cecil playlist today. It took me forever to come up with what songs I wanted to use (I had to refer to a friend for help), but I think it's a pretty good playlist so far. I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as you guys liked my hawksilver one (It's been 9 days since I posted it and it already has 139 plays and 12 likes, you guys are awesome!)

I don't know who has made the art for this cover but if anyone is willing to tell me, I'd gladly give them credit <3

11 tracks
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The artist is consulting-cannibal on tumblr, I believe!! Ahh. I've never heard Crying Lightning even tho I'm a fan of Arctic Monkeys and im in love with that sing now-- thank you 'u'

This has become my favourite playlist! It's annoying when I run out of plays for the day, so I think I'll have to buy these songs and make my own. I hadn't heard most of these songs before and I love them. Thank you!