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♛The Jeweller's Hands♛

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I won't stop with these Arctic Monkey titles will I?

Anyways, the story behind this one: I bought a really cute tank top at Hot Topic that has like a baseball uniform stripes on it and in flowery print says, "RUDE". And I thought of Zach and The Batter and I was like, "Hey, why not make a playlist for those two dorks?" This is my take on their relationship, I guess?

Cover Art by: RawVomit

  • The Jeweller's Hands by Arctic Monkeys
  • deadmau5 "Professional Griefers" feat. Gerard Way (Radio Edit) by GrillMarketing
  • Sarcasm by Get Scared
  • Another Way Out by Hollywood Undead
  • Discord the living tombstone by StormyDaze
  • Dead Inside by Muse
  • Master Plan by Adam Lambert
  • Undisclosed Desires by Muse
8 tracks
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