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First Nations Music


From The Continental United States, Canada & Hawai'i. The Navajo are well represented here. The mix finishes with the extraordianry Inuit singer, Tanya Tagaq

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Thanks! Yes, I took it - I've been lucky enough to visit a lot over the last few years. The whole of the Southwest is pretty awe-inspiring. Nice pic by your sister! Will this be your first visit? Have a look at these: http://www.betterphoto.com/Premium/Default.aspx?id=128141&mp=V1 She's Navajo, so gets to photograph Navajoland year round, and gets to places that are off-limits to visitors.

Enjoying this! Did you take the Monument Valley pic with it? I have almost the same view blown up hanging above my computer now, but taken by my sister, who lives in AZ.
As I am visiting in July and she works a lot in the Navajo nation area, I tried to lean some Navajo but it is hard!

how beautiful, in touch with the nature inside and outside. Something we're forgetting to do in the western world. Thank you! One happy follower going your way