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Keep It In The Family


Family: fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, brothers & sisters, friends - they're all here!
I got into the McGarrigles through Maria Muldaur in the Seventies and one artist led to another.
Track two was written by artist three, track three by artist four and track eleven by artist three.(I'm not allowed name more than three artists in here so I have to go round the houses).
I've seen all of them in concert with the exception of Lucy Wainwright Roche

11 tracks
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What a clever and original idea for a mix! I really enjoyed listening to this. I love the Wainwright and Roche families and have a lot of their music, but hadn't picked up on David Roche yet. I saw he's offering his 'Harp Trouble in Heaven' album free/nyop on his website - I didn't delay long in downloading it!

I also recently discovered Sloan Wainwright (Loudon's little sister) when I purchased Kate Campbell's latest album and saw Sloan sings backup on one of the songs. I plan to followup and check out Sloan's albums, as well. Thanks for a great playlist and for the good ideas for a new artist to me.

Thanks for the comments I've not heard Sloan - I bet there are a few other family members out there making music!