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Take A Seat

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Oh my - this is a goldmine for me. So many great artists/albums I didn't know about. I have had Anais Mitchell's 'Young Man in America' and 'Hadestown' CDs in my wishlist for a while, but I was completely unaware of the new one with Jefferson Hamer. Gotta have that one. I really enjoyed their interpretation of Willie of Winsbury which is quite different from the version I have by Connie Dover (also excellent). Also, I wasn't aware of the Carthy Hardy Farrell Young collaborative album. And Chris Stamey is new to me, and impressive - well I could go on and on because I love every single track. But I must single out Katy Carr. Wow. Never heard of her, but I had to check out the CD that Wojtek came from. After seeing some videos on her website of some of the tracks and reading about the concept the album was based on, I ordered the CD right away. Just got it in the mail today and loving it. Many, many thanks <3