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When you want to remember...

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Love you Donna.

1. Not Over You
This was the first song we connected on and I will never forget that.... plus I will NEVER be over Donna Lee!

2. (Nice to Me et You) Anyway
Was the moment I realized I liked you... but I also liked Derek.... and I was going to choose Derek. I might sound mean but you played a big part in my life when I found myself at this cross road... I look at this song a smile. I might not have chosen to BE with you.... But in the end I stayed with you... and I wouldn't have it any other way.

3. The One Th at Got Away
I dont know if you know this but this was the song playing when we first kissed. I know I upset you that night and though it didnt turn out the way either of us wanted... it still meant a lot... especially since the words of things song held such truth.

4. Some body That I Used to Know
This song reminds me of "Purgatory" the secret mythical place you, Brynne, Justin, and I use to disappear to when things were crazy. Some of the best moments.

5. Hell Ye ah
This song reminds me of Blue Mountain State... and how YOU always got me better then all the others. We understood each other and it gave me such energy the way this song does... plus it was bad ass and funny.

6. Best Fri ends
A song we used to dance to and laugh to at almost all big drunk parties. Because you are my FUCKING BEST FRIE ND!

7. Somewhere Only We Know
This is a new one. This is that moment when I think about how I want nothing more then to disappear with you when things get crazy.

8. Story of u s
AND THIS... Is the sto ry of us!