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The city is dark and full of terrors.


For dark alleys, shady deals, plans gone awry, knives in the back, bullets missing the target, unthinkable coincidences, ghostly shadows, deadly beauties, midnight chases, and drinking alone. For complex thoughts and complex feelings.
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9 tracks
2 comments on The city is dark and full of terrors.

@makethatwork wow! I`m so glad I inspired a fellow roleplayer :) I use a lot of music in this playlist for inspiration to write about my own WoD and CofD characters, and it`s so cool that someone can find it useful for a similar purpose. Good luck with your game!

@waywardsamws Ha! That's great - I was so happy to find this so high up on the writing tag, since I'm working on some short story stuff with my changeling, and it was just oh-so-perf, it makes total sense that you use it for CofD too! A+, will keep an eye out for any future mixes along this line. ^_^