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Relaxing Study Mixtape #2


A playlist varied enough to keep your mind alert, but calm enough to fall into the background while your read, write and underline.

FOCUS. Focus. focus.

The first Revision Mixtape playlist can be found here: http://8tracks.com/wbj/relaxing-study-mixtape-1

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47 tracks
5 comments on Relaxing Study Mixtape #2

This playlist was perfect and exactly the mood I was looking for. Thank you! Perfect how you described it - relaxing enough to calm my mind, but just enough to still keep me alert.

Of the only two flawless mixes I've managed to find on 8tracks, this one is by far my favourite. It is perfect. Thank you for creating it.

thanks, please you liked it. I hope you didn't change your mind before you got to the end of the playlist. I have another in the pipeline.