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heroes are over with


“I read the story of Red Riding Hood today. I think the wolf was the most interesting character in it. Red Riding Hood was a stupid little thing so easily fooled.”

some of my favourite villain songs and other villainesque melodies

[edit 18/03] added a couple of new songs! enjoy, those of you who can still listen to 8tracks playlists.

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I absolutely adore this. So many villain playlists have the same three songs over and over again. While you do use some of the old favorites, I adore that you pulled from not as well known sources. You, my friend, are my favorite. :)

@pixelpossum oh gosshhh THANK YOU! :D I'm a bit of a villain fanatic, so I listen to... a Lot.... of mixes with villain theme songs, and I have to agree with you on the same old favourites being there a bit too frequently haha! While they are catchy songs that, fair enough, do deserve to be a part of the playlist, I think it's also interesting to bring a little variety to it too. So glad you like it!