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Fogged in from Ogden

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Here's a list of the songs, and who contributed them...
1. I left my something in Denver, by Curb Your Dog (from Christopher Sabatini)
2. Lone Star Smile, by Oblio's Arrow (from Bryce MacPherson)
3. Eastern, by Varlet (from Vaughn MacPherson)
4. Crow Hill, by The Morning Clouds (from Josh Wambeke)
5. Love In The Dakota, Walt Mink (from Thomedi Ventura)
6. Paradise Blues, by Michael David Neff (from Michael David Neff)
7. Hot Wyoming Sun, by Red Cloud (from Ross Etherton)
8. Lungs, by Townes Van Zandt (from Jason Heller)
9. Sophisticated Boom Boom, by The Shangri-Las (from Chuck Coffey)
10. Write me a letter, by Cadence & Harmony (from the Fisher Family)
11. Stillwater, Oklahoma, by Call Sign Cobra (from Donald Bersell)
12. Even Assholes Have Their Day, by Charlie Continental (from Charlie Continental)
13. Landlocked and Pedestrian, by Loose Charm (from Chris Kloewsteller)
14. Fantastic Voyage Pt. 2, by Jenn & Jenn (from Jennifer Kloewsteller)