Is this playlist safe for work?

3,661 2nds

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It's not - it says 55mins (which is 3,300secs). Last night was "3:30 in the morning - and I can't get no sleep…" makes me even more pedantic (as if that's even possible!). Speaking of which, how's Daddy-hood treating you…? She's what - about 8 months now…? (I tried to work it out from when you first mentioned her, which I believe was last October sometime…). Sorry, it gets a tad lonely being stuck in bed 24/7/365. Oh well, there's feck all I can do about it, too damaged; okay, that's not strictly true, there is, but it's inherently incredibly risky - not to mention technically illegal (but the MoDA can go to feck! High time it was permanently repealed, rescinded, abolished, ripped to shreds - and BURNT!). Gotta do SUMMAT to sort me swede out, cos otherwise I'll die in this bed. Just wish I wasn't stuck with the folks, they've never understood me, and now I've got to -SOMEHOW - find a way to grow it in my room, which is over the kitchen extension now, and I can hear them through the floor, and that means they they can probably hear me, too… I'm absolutely shit-scared / but what else can I do…? It's primarily their fault I'm so dysfunctional (who sticks a 5-year-old with an adult reading age in special ed…? My parents, that's who! Them + the nuns = a 40+ year old who, when faces with situations in which she can't cope, has an emotional age of 3! I don't understand how people function, how to interact with 'em; you're a similar age to me, I think, imagine what you were like at nursery, then imagine your emotional, and sociological development stopping there. The rest of you gets older, but your mind, your psyche, your emotions don't. It's a bit like Big - except this joke ain't of the 'funny ha-ha' variety. Isn't life supposed to BEGIN at 40… ?! I need to clean my room a) because I need to find a suitable growing space and b) to my mother off my fucking case; doesn't believe I'm sick, cos "if you were you'd go to the doctor". Given up attempting to explain WHY it's not possible for me to do that… wish this tinnitus would feck off; I finished off a Creation playlist at about 00:30 and, for the last 10.5h I've this constant high-pitched shrieking in my ears! I don't suffer with tinnitus - first 'bout' of it I've had in my life. Didn't THINK I had it up too loud… I'll leave you in peace now… X❤️X

well, what can i say... nothing really.. except that foobar came up with the minute count of the playlist and it read 3,661 seconds... (it said 1h1m1s). other than that.. i'm a ta loss fer werds. i don't know what moda is, nor tinnitus, nor why you are stuck in your room 24/7/365. i'm sorry if it's so.. but glad that you took the time to comment, even the comment was a soul deposition..