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Ein hoch auf uns!

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The title means "Here's to us!"

I'm taking a break from making angsty fanmixes for a while, so here's what could be considered my first happy and cheerful Hetalia fanmix. Some songs in German and some in English that make me think of these two German assholes.

Tracklist----> http://aph-yourmom.tumblr.com/post/101173919118/you-can-finally-check-out-my-latest-hetalia

The art is by Gokusuna on zerochan.

  • CRO by Cro
  • Survival by Muse
  • Atemlos Durch Die Nacht by Helene Fischer
  • Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy
  • One Republic by Something I Need
  • Gewinner + Lyrics by Clueso
  • Andreas Bourani (Offizieller ARD WM Song) | Piano Cover by Auf Uns
7 tracks