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++A Mix 4 Cyberfox18++

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hey bee ! thanks for your opinion, I'm a remix fiend and I get the not messing with greatness like Mz. Holiday but from a dj's point of view the remixes were done well. Thanks for listening !

i was sad about the billie holiday, i like the orginals better, but i dont mean to offend you or make you angry or anything, im just big on billie holiday. and to hear those remixes made me rather sad.

I´m on the third spin of this terrific mix....and liking it more and more!!!
man....you are absolut right. Some classics are not to be messed with, but if you do it right, you might ending up with a masterpice.

I will look more into the verve remixes, and nostalgia77...
I suppose you have heard my jazza-palloza....if not...

thanks again!!!!