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The Tumor That Forces Me To Action + A Tranimal Tribute


Tranimal, a term coined by Los Angeles-based drag queen and performer Jer Ber Jones, comes from 'tranny' and denotes a more animalistic approach to the drag genre. describe a specific type of performer in the drag art scene (many of whom found a temporary home at Trannyshack in San Francisco, CA (USA) in the late 1990's and early 2000's).
yup thats me ;)

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My look was hand crafted by Squeaky himself !
In the early 2000's three performers (Squeaky Blonde, The Steve Lady, and Jer Ber Jones) moved to Los Angeles. Confronted by the sprawling city and the slightly unhinged geography thereof, their performances took on a somewhat less restricted tone. Moreover, their gender-bending personas - and inspired in part by the work of London based artist Leigh Bowery - began edging towards a critical re-definition of glamour, and moved strongly towards the liminal states inherent in feminine psychosis.

The primary goal of their work was to de-construct and re-construct fashion and make-up, often using found objects, and while always maintaining an eye towards irreverence, maybe even the surreal. A visual emphasis was placed on hiding or exaggerating male attributes, but not necessarily shaving, tucking or plucking, creating a constant push and pull between the genders.

Squeaky Blonde's often terrifying take on beauty/glamour was animalistic and there are very specific visual cues he created that now help to define the Tranimal genre: Stockings partially obscuring the performers' faces, complemented with visceral make-up (emulating blood, smeared eye makeup, non-restricted applications of color)... All complemented by a post-punk/gothic clothing style.