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my professor was a ground-zero goth-rocker


professor escot is a british oxford graduate, absolutely gorgeous (though much older than you) and seems much more lenient than the rest of the english professors at your university.
after handing in an assignment about the history of the post-punk movement, he adds a note next to a section about an influential siouxsie and the banshees concert in july 1978 - "was there, great gig, still fresh in my memory :) "

from that moment onward, the relationship between you and your effortlessly cool professor evolved from music history lessons, friendly coffees, secret dates, to eventually love and a shared apartment.

a playlist built with the music that brought you together.

- for a story i'm writing, will post link when complete -

14 tracks
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YESSSSSSSSS THIS IS WHY I CAME TO 8TRACKS. Awesome playlist, awesome story plot. Super excited to read it when you're finished.