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★✰Stars and Planets✰★


A playlist for Starkin / Spacekin / Galaxykin / Planetkin to help us feel a little more at home/peace.

I'll be updating this as I find more songs that resonate with me.

13 tracks
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i am really, really, really glad that i found this mix, i love it so much. thank you for being wonderful and making this mix. thank you.

@cyanidethrust it varies a lot! But for most it means strongly identifying and relating to something that isn't human. For some it's feeling like you have the soul or spirit of your kintype, or in a past life you were your kintype. I can't speak for everyone, of course, but for myself it's also a bit of a coping mechanism, I don't know for sure that I have the soul of a star, but I feel comforted and happy when I think of myself as a star, and sometimes when I look up at the night sky I feel an intense longing, like my home is up there somewhere.