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Square-Enix Study Mix #1

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Twenty of my favorite tracks from Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Cross/Trigger, and Final Fantasy XI, capped off with the Final Fantasy Theme. Enjoy!

  • Kingdom Hearts OST, T2-33 Dearly Beloved -Reprise- (The End) by YouTube
  • in 4 minutes by KINGDOM HEARTS Field Tracks Remastered Collections
  • Friends in My Heart by Kingdom Hearts OST 47
  • End of the World by 下村陽子
  • Simple and Clean (amv) by Kingdom Hearts
  • 04 Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Med by Yugi
  • Another World from Chrono Cross) by Across an Unfamiliar Sea (Voyage
  • Time's Scar by 光田康典
  • Chrono cross arni vilage by Gobel Gunawan
  • Chrono Trigger Symphony : Volume 1 : The Trial (Full Preview) by blakerobinson
  • Crono and Marle ~Far Off Promise~ (Remastered) by 65-Chrono Trigger
  • Peaceful Days (Remastered) by 04-Chrono Trigger
  • Frog and the Masamune (Remastered) by 50-Chrono Trigger
  • Vanadiel March by Final Fantasy XI
  • 03 Ronfaure (FINAL FANTASY XI) Shockwave2493 by Shockwave2493
  • 12 - The Federation of Windurst by Seinenstrife
  • 08 - The Republic of Bastok by SilentProtagonist
  • Main Theme by Final Fantasy
18 tracks