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Gonzo violence

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Let's see here...this mix is tagged "noise" and "grindcore", and has a band called "Agoraphobic Nosebleed" and you are seriously complaining about the "horrible fucking noise?" Not all mixes are kittens and rainbows pal, and this is actually DELICIOUSLY horrible fucking noise. Get it straight!

Whatevere fuckstick. I think you are somewhat angry and have a few issues. Besides, I aint talking rainbows and kittens as you so pleasently put it, im talking more sax and high hat....a little bit of soul.
This however is a fucking horible noise.

Hmm, Lord Death Man has not been approved for fuckstick use, and I don’t recommend it – you’re liable to find your shit all tore up. Bottom-line though, you’re on a NOISE mix complaining that it’s NOISY, which is, you know…stupid. It’s like finding yourself on a jazz mix and complaining it’s too jazzy because you don’t like jazz.

Now if you liked noise and just didn’t like this mix, that’s one thing – but you don’t like noise. So Lord Death Man is not clear on why you felt your voice just HAD to be heard in this situation, regarding a form of music you obviously don’t give a fuck about or have any interest in. Why bother to comment at all? If you had that “soul” you’re talking about, you would have just moved the fuck along and went to the next mix without the rest of us having to hear about it, but true to your human-form, you’d rather be a prick. Well that’s great. You’re an instant winner!

Lord Death Man doesn't get offended -- but will respond to stupidity and/or general assholory when it's vocalized or in his sight. He's also pretty amused you think Lord Death Man had anything to do with this mix at all. But not surprised. No, not surprised at all. Clearly, not everyone is meant to shine.

If Lord Death Man were to concern himself with what a human being thought of him, he would certainly choose someone who could type, spell, think and reason more clearly than a person such as yourself, who can’t even “read so good.” Also, tools are useful. You? Not so much. Now kindly fuck off back to your shit Fun Lovin’ Criminals. And have a nice shitty life…listening to shitty music…and being a fucking shithead.

oww yeah thats more like it....getting angry now. Now trying to belittle me by insinuating that you are some sort of hightened intellectual life form does not really matter as you still listen to shit music.....and I bet your name is actually Nigel. Thank you Wembley and goodnight.

Haha, a purple-headed shithead calling Lord Death Man Nigel. You're an endless source of unintentional comedy and dumb-shitery. Don't get angry just because you're fucking boring, baby.