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blood sucker blues


liam's been drinking zayn's blood for a hundred and eighty seven years and he still craves it.

(basically zayn and liam have a lot of wild eyed, blood lusty sex to slow, scratchy jazz and gritty brit rock in the dark of smoky motel rooms)

also zayn wears a lot of rings and likes to rip liam's shirts and leave teeth marks on the insides of his thighs and sometimes pez and harry join them because two definitely isn't enough when they're this hungry.

{do you know where the wild things go?}

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Your playlists are always perfection. Ive been screenshotting them and sending them to my friend bc we are freaking so much. ommmmg.

oh my gOd thank you so much, babe, that actually means the world xx
but excuse me your playlists are pretty fuckin rad, if i do say so myself :]
i'm so glad you like my mixes, also please request any mixes you want me to make, like send me a message on tumblr (i love making mixes for people so much so do it do it do it)

Thank you so much! The descriptions you put with your playlists are amazing. I'll definitely be requesting stuff! You can also request some stuff to me with the ask.fm in my bio that'd be cool!(: