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but the thing is


there's a summer somewhere between a housefire and the end of the world that they end up in an apartment in detroit. it's close enough to the tracks that they can hear the trains, with a broken shower and only one bed. dean buys weed from the girl next door.

he kisses sam for the first time on the fire escape that summer, climbs into his lap sticky with august sweat and dizzy with a high that he shoves into sam's mouth with his tongue.

sam is fifteen years old; already taller than his big brother. he think about nothing but dean's mouth for weeks.

they don't talk about it.

13 tracks
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okay, so I know I've probably commented on like half of your playlists but I love them so much, and I love love love the caption on this one because it just makes me really happy and makes me feel at home? you're very good at picking songs that fit these two really well and I love seeing them portrayed so true to their character? i love your cover pictures always, they always fit the vibe of the playlist. i like thinking that when they're in the fire escape they just sit and look out at the city and sam points to a university and talks about one day when he'll get a good job and dean and him will have a house together

@spacesammy oh my god, no i honestly look forward to your comments, they're so thoughtful and lovely. thank you so much, this is one of my favourite playlists i've ever made for them, just because of, like you said, the way it feels like home. and YES, that's exactly what they'd do, sit on the fire escape and watch the trains and think about what would happen if they could escape being hunters, if they could be together and sam could go to uni and dean could get a job as a mechanic working on classic cars and they'd never have to stay in a motel again. wow that made me rlly emotional to type that ah :'( but anyways, thank you so fucking much, honestly, it means a ton that you love my playlists and that you think i'm true to their characters. i love youuuuu (and please feel free to comment as much as you want hehe) :)