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can we go to a place where your skin will glow?


for wesley donahue (named for wesley in the princess bride); a boy with sunstorms in his eyes and symphonies on his fingertips, living in a loft with a sky blue door in london, working at kato's candy store and singing in a band called brave little lions. his roommate is juno (she's got feathers in her hair) and his boyfriend calls himself atlas (he's got a map of the world tattooed across his back) and wesley loves them both with a heartbeat brighter than a satellite.

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i have a sad story for you: there actually isn't a fic. yet. i'm working on making it into a thing, but so far nothing has been written. i adore this oc though so i promise as soon as i get around to writing about him i'll link you it :))) thanks for commenting, dove xx

Ok :). Would you mind if I wrote a fic and credited you for the oc and everything else? And link it to you so you can see it too? I still think that your fic would be amazeballs, but I was hoping that you might let me write one too as the urge to write about this is making me a tad loopy.

oh my goshh i'm so sorry i never got back to you on this!! yes yes yes, god of course it would be okay, i'd love to see you interpretation of this character!!! just please link me to in, yeah, i can't wait :)) xxo cheers, love