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do you dream of murder?


ain't nobody knows what the newborn holds,
but his papa's going to hide shaking gristle,
and shaking like bone.

(for young, psychotic boyking!sam who becomes a killer instead of a saviour and dean who drinks his little brother's blood to keep sam inside of him.)

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2 comments on do you dream of murder?

OMFG YAAAAAAAAS!!!! This is just what i fucking needed!!! For real.. fuck me the fuck up, YAS! PERFECT! Why am i so in love with BoyKing!Sam (especially when he goes dark side) and devout follower/lover Dean.. LIKE UGHHHH YAAAASSS!!! and my god you are so right, serial killer!wincest is my mother fucking jaaaam!!! yas. lmfaooo there's a lot of yas in this, my bad dude. but can you blame me? :)