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i can't get no s a t i s f a c t i o n


in which twenty year old, football player, sex addict niall is forced into seeing a therapist by his mate, louis. in which liam, said therapist, tells niall he should become abstinent and drags him to group therapy sessions, where he meets harry, leigh anne and calum and the whole " being abstinent" thing gets a lot harder.

and if that wasn’t enough, suddenly gorgeous, dark skinned, inked up, recovering drug addict zayn shows up with his lazy lips and long eyelashes and god, niall wants him.

12 tracks
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it's an idea i got months ago that's ever so slowly being written into a fic!! i'd love for you to read it (if it ever gets finished), thanks so much for the comment, darling xx

It sounds awesome!! And I would love to read it whenever (if) you get it done :D Do you have like an Ao3 account or an wattpad user or somewhere you publish thing? Do let me know and I'll give you a follow ;) Again really love the mix as well and can't wait to read the fic if it's ever gonna be something more then an idea :D