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i love you, i love you, and all of your pieces


it's the kind of love that's painful in it's certainty, the kind that takes strength, the kind that has bad habits and salty eyes, the kind that makes mistakes and gets tattoos thick with meaning, that builds cathedrals and rips story books apart, the kind that stays.

it's the kind of love that's too big for them, the kind that's falling apart, the kind that wants them to let go.

but they can't, god, they could never.

(i'm not saying they're in love, but i'm pretty sure they're in love)

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the playlist is amazing and your description kills me...please tell me you write ziam fanfic, because I would read the hell out of it (and if you don't, you should) ;))))

@lganotaki omg thank you so much :') i actually do write a lot of fics, not really 1d anymore, but i have a ton of ziam fics kicking around in my drafts that i should definitely post. my ao3 is mydarlinglime, i've got a couple things up there if you wan check it out :)