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my little one, my kettle drum, my babel tongue, my come-undone


(my pussy tastes like pepsi-cola,
my eyes are wide like cherry pies)

for knock-kneed, babygirl jared falling hard for his teacher, mr. ackles, at the tender age of fifteen. there are heart doodles and stolen skirts and wet eyed, helpless love in the heat of a cherry red summer that never seems to end. jared is jensen's little dolly, ice cream sweet in the centre and pink in all the places that matter. jensen would happily spend the rest of forever pressed like a petal between jared's downy, gartered thighs.

for the fos!verse created by hellhoundsprey and explicitwincest because they have absolutely killed me with all they've written and made for it. (http://explicitwincest.tumblr.com/post/140998010347/kitten-noun-%CB%88kitn-skin-scraped-knuckles-and)

18 tracks