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why did you say that i was one in a million? because i believed it.
i thought i had something that you were too scared to lose.

15 tracks
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This is awesome! I agree with @mustnttelllies I am so glad you have the same problem as we do! It would be really cool if you could like put some of the SPN fan mixes in a category so they would be easy to find on your profile. You have so many amazing mixes that it's hard to find the wincest ones on occasion! I'm certainly not going to complain about awesome mixes, though!!! Thank you so much for making them! I have so much trouble finding the right songs to put together. And then some of them will get pulled from the site and my playlists disappear. I used to have like a dozen and now there are like three left. This site drives me crazy sometimes. Anyway. Sorry. Hyped up on coffee rn. Thanks for the music!