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young thing, you've been blessed your whole life


in which harry styles is a rich girl who's gonna take over her daddy's company as soon as she graduates. that is, until louis tomlinson (resident badass, beanie lover and skateboarder, also occasionally known to set off fireworks in her backyard) tumbles into her life and harry is suddenly drinking a lot less champagne and sneaking out of a lot more business parties to come home with grass stains on her knees and tattoos on her wrists, smelling like skate parks and guinness and louis' perfume.

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@zains i can't believe i never replied to this!!! there's a fic that i started, but i don't think i'll ever finish cos i have commitment issues ;( but omgg if you want to write one or already have then go for it that's awesome babe!! your comments on my mixes make me very happy. thankyou for all of them xx love u <3

@eva.h.bennett this is so so late but omg yes i want to! i wanted permission before i wrote anything but i got a new laptop for christmas so im going to put it to use and write this. it might take forever because i also have commitment issues but as soon as it's done im going to message you