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Stormy Skies


Sometimes you're alone. More than sometimes. But then the sky darkens. Clouds cover the sun. They cover the stars. The world darkens. The heavens begin to weep. You look up and watch as droplets of water land on your glasses. It feels surreal. Like maybe this time the sky wasn't just raining. No, this time the sky felt like it was weeping for you. There's comfort in that. Somebody cared. Or something at least. Maybe you should have let them in. You can't expect sympathy when you keep it all inside. You put on a show for them. That you were happy.. Oh well. You carry on. Mud clings to your already heavy boots. No going back now. You're stronger than that. No one's around for miles. But somehow you appreciate how the rain hides the fact that rainwater isn't the only thing wetting your face

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