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Where the starlight begins


A musical and lyrical journey to space.

Track 1 - Standing in the hall of a great cathedral, waiting for the transport to come.
Track 2 - Travel to where sunbeams end and starlight begins.
Track 3 - Spend some time alone.
Track 4 - All of your kind are coming.
Track 5 - Circle round the sun.
Track 6 - Deep inside a parallel reality.
Track 7 - Stop, I wanna go home.
Track 8 - Trying to leave orbit.
Track 9 - Crash and siren.
Track 10 - Fading in and out of consciousness / The earth is getting warmer.
Track 11 - To die would be so fine, I gave my all.
Track 12 - Dreaming of air.
Track 13 - Sonar pings - a rescue ship?

13 tracks
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