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When We're Eighteen


"Of course I love you, Betty!"
"When I think, Archie, of where I feel safest and most myself, I think us in a booth at Pop's."
"Ask me when we're eighteen and I'll say yes."

A mess of a playlist for these ~swell~ characters who are in love, I'm sure of it.

In some sort of chronological order, from puppy love to angst, & then to an ultimate happy ending (because having a playlist with no direction felt strange to me). The playlist alternates from Betty's point of view to Archie's with every song, except for song eight which has both points of views.

Hope you enjoy! ♥


Tracklist: https://open.spotify.com/user/welseys/playlist/6USfX5t14VTAhkSC81CH3n

15 tracks