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6̷̡̲͇̼̰̖̮͕͍̙6̶̩̫̺̮̥̲̥͓̥̞6̷̣̥̞̘̱̳̙͙͜ͅworld's cutest lord of filth i6̷̡̲͇̼̰̖̮͕͍̙6̶̩̫̺̮̥̲̥͓̥̞6̷̣̥̞̘̱̳̙͙͜ͅ


i am the one, lascivious

cover image artist: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=735997

believe it or not, this is the much more tame of the two playlists i have planned for my demon oc/tulpa irl
his name is jacobix and he is a very young but very powerful incubus-type demon (but not solely an incubus)
i've always been so interested in demons and dabbled in demonology (if only it wasnt so scarce, it would be my job)
(p.s. demonkins fuck off, you're a disgrace and know nothing)
(p.p.s. shota demons are the best)
enjoy the heavy tension of a fuck lord

20 tracks
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