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Everything I've Ever Let Go Of Has Claw Marks On It

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says there are 17 tracks but it only gave me 16 D: boo. But THANKS WES. I found some new stuff to check out, and also, I just like it. I'd reciprocate but I am mostly positive you would hate what I listen to :D *squints* I could probably dig up a few things... This was cool, and important. I appreciate it muchly <3

@silver9mm I still don't know why that song didn't play for you. Spoon is one of my favorite bands, partially because the album Girls Can Tell was part of a group of albums I got at one point in my life that really played a part in a shift in my musical tastes and also because Spoon will always be important to me because it was the second concert I saw with Kristin. It was intended to be the first. I wanted to go to the show. I wanted Kristin to spend time with me after first meeting her. I bought us both a ticket and hoped she would go with me. Luckily, she said yes. I acted like a total dork, but she somehow stayed with me.

@silver9mm Another band I initially didn't like. They put out an album before this that was considered "freak folk" and that folk side didn't appeal to me as much at the time. This album, however, changed my mind. I remember listening to it the first time with headphones on while in complete silence one night while Kristin was out with some friends. By the time it ended, I wanted nothing more than to listen to it over and over again.

@silver9mm Shellac is another one of my favorites. Sometimes, his lyrics try too hard to push his persona, but when they work they can be incredibly funny. It's the sound of the music that really resonates with me. I now realize how much early Gang of Four and Wire must have influenced this, but when I first heard the song "Prayer to God" years ago, I fell in love with this sound (although I hate that it's sometimes referred to as math rock).

@silver9mm Love the sound of this band and I love the lead singer's sense of humor. I missed a good opportunity to see a live show of theirs because i hadn't yet heard this album. I'm regretting that majorly.

i like that you like the murder city devils. i like the feeling the music gives me. it's like a life i could have had. that doesn't make sense, but there it is. i refuse to elaborate.

@silver9mm I'm a huge fan of organ in songs. I don't know why, but I really, really am. There's something about MCD's lyrics that I love even though I have never been a sailor, I don't drink a lot of rum, and I'm not particularly prone to homicidal tendencies. Then again, I love The Velvet Underground and have never done heroin (and I don't think I'm trying to live vicariously either). Yeah, must be the organ.

@silver9mm of Montreal is another favorite band of mine. The album Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? sounds like what would happen if David Bowie met a girl, created an alter ego for her and for himself, saw that alter ego destroy both of them, and then decided to make it danceable. Since then, the lead singer has changed personas multiple times. "Coquet Coquette" brought things back to basics a little after a few albums of sexual imagery and Prince-style falsetto outbursts.

@silver9mm I'm still trying to get into this album. I've only listened to it one and a half times. The first time I ended up switching to Boxer because I was dying to hear a few particular songs. I love Matt's lyrics and vocals. Brent Knopf makes some odd choices at times, though, that I think pile too much on a song. I really loved how the most recent album from The National showed a lot of restraint. It meant that repeated listens really uncovered some great musical elements. I feel like sometimes with El Vy the music gets in the way a bit. Again, though, I'm coming around a bit more.