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"…Tell me something. Is it true that Team Rocket has returned?" - Silver

Music from Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver

  • New Bark Town by arrangement
  • Professor Elm's Lab (Piano Solo) by POKEMON Gold/Silver/Crystal
  • Route 29 by arrangement
  • Violet City (for solo harpsichord) by Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal
  • Pokémon Soul Silver by Battle Orchestra
  • Azalea Town ReOrchestration by Pokemon G/S
  • Pokemon Silver Gold Crystal Goldenrod City by
  • Ecruteak City/Pokemon National Park Themes by Music Is Really Dumb
  • Pokemon Route 38 and 39 Remix by Me, Myself, and I Music
  • Team Rocket Grunt Theme Bundle by Pokemon HGSS
  • Heart Gold and Soul Silver by Pokemon
  • 戦闘! スイクン by GAME FREAK
  • Dark Cave, Ice Cave, Seafom Islands Music by Pokemon- Heart Gold, Soul Silver
  • 286 Battle! Lugia by Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver OST
14 tracks