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After finishing book after book with Debussy's "Clair de Lune" on repeat, I made this mix. It was mainly inspired by the mornings I spent in bed, reading for a few hours after having just woken up, with the rain falling on my window and the streets outside. And I guess it's perfect for the autumn and winter seasons, but even when it's not raining, just go to www.rainymood.com. 21 tracks including Debussy, Clint Mansell and Yann Tiersen. Enjoy.

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reading in bed before going to sleep with this on in the background after a long day is doing wonders. stress has been replaced with ease and peace. x

For some reason Soundcloud has replaced Arabesque No. 1: Andantino con moto by Claude Debussy with Pitch Perfect Bellas Finals - Price Tag. Don't ever remember this being the case while listening to Rainy Mood...

Thanks for the heads up! I've manually changed the SoundCloud link now. I'll also be updating the playlist in the next few days, adding a few more songs. :)