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cancer; mother's little helper.


dolly parton, paul simon, and the beach boys.
cancer: emotional, protective, sympathetic, moody, and clingy.
[sun sign is in cancer]
"although...it's challenging for [a] cancer to let go of past wishes, hurts, or regrets, it can also foster a love of things like family traditions with a nostalgic heart....they get "caught up in the role of [acting like a] mom" and can feel "loneliness even if they are surrounded by dependents."
- a-m-y h-err-ing
venus in cancer, you have a "need to nurture and be nurtured" and "to feel part of a family".
mars in cancer, your "willpower can be hindered by moodiness" but you are "capable of fearless action to support loved ones".
ascendant in cancer, you are "sensitive" and also "reserved and private".
-s-tep-hen a-rro-yo

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