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capricorn; don't lose ambition.


iggy pop, ty segall, and jack white.
ambitious, disciplined, practical, pessimistic, and grudging.
[sun sign in cap]
"at the heart of what fuels capricorn is respect - from others, but especially self-respect that is won through integrity and hard work...they may not easily let go of a goal, even when it becomes apparent that continuing toward it may come at too great an emotional cost to themselves."
- a-m-y h-erring
venus in cap: love is "colored by perseverance", socially you have a lot of "concern for reputation".
mars in cap: you are a "careful planner", but assert yourself "authoritatively".
ascendant in cap: you express "extreme negativity and skepticism" but your "cynicism" is a shield. you're less about "achievement and authority" than a cap sun.
-s-tep-hen a-rroyo

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