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leo; can't touch my crown.


brooke candy, m.i.a., and zara larsson.
leo: creative, warmhearted, enthusiastic, pompous, and bossy.
[sun sign is in leo]
"leo is not constantly the gregarious, loud-mouthed caricature that it's often expected to be, but leo's charm and charisma are legendary for a reason."
- a-m-y h-err-ing
venus in leo, you are "influenced by one's pride" and an "exchange of deeper feelings... may be encumbered by one's need to be the center of attention."
mars in leo, you express yourself "arrogantly" and have a "need to be complimented and appreciated for... sexual...or creative prowess."
ascendant in leo, you have a "bigheartedness" about you and you have a need for "respect".
-s-tep-hen a-rro-yo

12 tracks
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