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libra; shooting star.


hayley kiyoko, charli xcx.
libra: diplomatic, romantic, sociable, indecisive, & overly flirtatious.
[sun sign libra]
"libra's indecision is...from managing their desire...not frustrate [people]....libra is most commonly known as the relationship sign....libra is therefore...the sign of the diplomat, the judge, and the lawyer."
- a-m-y h-e-rr-in-g
venus in libra, you have a "need for peace, tranquility, and harmony...but this could lead to avoidance of unpleasant emotional interchanges."
mars in libra, you act "cooperatively" and your drive is "tactfully...directed toward balance and fairness."
ascendant in libra: you may be "sweeter than the libra sun, who often relates to others in a more detached way", though you "may appear more superficial" than one.
-s-tep-hen a-rr-oy-o

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