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pisces; count your lucky stars.


sky ferreira, sleigh bells, aly &aj.
empathetic, pacifist, unworldly, escapist, and weak-willed.
[sun sign in pisces]
pisces has "a simultaneous desire to leave the world and engage with it....escapism can be a slippery slope. escapism that is not about refreshment but about numbing the self can be a bottomless pit, a never-ending need."
- a-m-y h-erring
venus in pisces: you idealize the idea of love to such a degree that you leave yourself completely "vulnerable".
mars in pisces: you are "motivated chiefly by intuition" or faith, rather than analyzation.
ascendant in pisces: you are less "passive, evasive, escapist, and irresponsible" than a pisces sun and are "unperturbed when [you] experience misfortune."
-s-tep-hen a-rroyo

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