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sagittarius; this land is your land.


langhorne slim, shakey graves, phosphorescent.
freedom-loving, straightforward, philosophical, blindly-optimistic, and irresponsible.
[sun sign in sag]
"they cannot tolerate boredom, they are adventure-seeking....sagittarius says "why not?"....[they] rack up extraordinary adventures and will certainly have many stories to tell as they get older....the sagittarius inclination to see the positive outcomes...often makes them more likely to act."
- a-m-y herr-ing
venus in sag: you need a "philosophical harmony" in relationships and are "broad-minded" in love.
mars in sag: you assert yourself "impulsively" and "tactlessly."
ascendant in sag: you're less likely to show "self-righteousness" than a sagittarius sun sign and more "tolerant and inspiring" than one.
-s-tep-hen a-rroyo

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