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scorpio; sadomasochist.


father, ski mask the slump god, and tyler, the creator.
scorpio: passionate, resourceful, intuitive, secretive, and has difficulties trusting people.
[sun sign in scorpio]
"unhealthy scorpio may feel compelled to force others to see what they perceive as the cold, hard truth....healthy scorpio is an excellent keeper of secrets....they do not like to feel vulnerable and or weak and prefer to collect others' secrets rather than reveal their own."
- a-m-y h-err-ing
venus in scorpio: your affection is "obsessive, with extreme [all] consuming feelings."
mars in scorpio: your sexual relationships need to include "profound intensity."
ascendant in scorpio: you're "reluctant to let go of anything", including emotions, and you have a "great fear" of "losing control".
-s-tep-hen a-rro-yo

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