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virgo; love is soft.


karen o, bright eyes, and the dresden dolls.
virgo: modest, meticulous, practical, overcritical, and perfectionist.
[sun sign is in virgo]
"virgo is vulnerable to overdosing on humility to the point where it can become self-loathing....a potential perfectionist complex can haunt virgo to the point where they feel...anything they do is never enough."
- a-m-y h-err-ing
venus in virgo, you have "a need to serve" and a tendency to "over-helpfulness" and making "petty criticisms".
mars in virgo, your actions are "hindered by self-criticism" and "over-attention to details".
ascendant in virgo: you have more "self-confidence" than virgo sun signs and may have less "conservative" qualities than them as well.
-s-tep-hen a-rro-yo

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