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Here Comes The Bride


"Take another step, human, and I guarantee it shall be your last. My friends are dead and my life is in tatters
because of you and your kin. I have nothing to lose, but you still possess your other eye."

A mix for the City Elf origin in dragon age origins, from the alienage to the bloody trail of vengence you carved through the city guard and the confrontation you knew you weren't going to survive, to recruitment. This is for the blood soaked bride-to-be.

  • Jesus Saves by Andrew Jackson Jihad
  • Bartholomew by The Silent Comedy
  • Sweeny Todd Epiphany by peinrealm7
  • Unfinished Business by Mumford & Sons
  • Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back (Final) by Saracci
  • Get Out Alive by Nightcore
  • Dilaudid by The Mountain Goats
  • White Face, Black Eyes by Andrew Jackson Jihad
8 tracks
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