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Written By The Winners


A playlist for Varric Tethras, storyteller, rouge and occasional unwelcome tag-along, from Kirkwall to Skyhold.

Mostly 80s power ballads, because if you tell me that Varric wouldn't love 80s power ballads I will call you a liar.

12 tracks
2 comments on Written By The Winners

never thought I'd be jamming to 80's power ballads thinking about varric in my social studies class, but you know what i couldn't be happier with this situation

this is such a good Varric mix omg it's got music that makes so much sense for him that I never even considered (Gold on the Ceiling!!) thank you so much for sharing

@meggannn Thank you so much! I wanted to have sort of an unusual theme for this mix, because I started with stuck in the middle with you and you aint seen nothing yet, and i thought that Gold on the ceiling was a great fit both for the mix and for Varric. Thanks so much for commenting!