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Growing Up 1997-2006


Thirty-six songs that I listened to religiously for years, even still. I would not be where I am today without these songs. They are in rough order of release date. ENJOY!! Includes songs by Blink-182, Third Eye Blind, and Sum 41

37 tracks
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If you like this kinda stuff, and you happened to watch fuse a lot growing up then you are gonna love my new mix. I hate to be the guy posting on other mixes for his own, but I wanna get it to as many people as possible who can enjoy it as much as me http://8tracks.com/givethemusic/fuse-rewind

Love it. Growing up as a 90's kid brings back such great memories, and the songs fit perfectly!!
I'd appreciate it if you checked out my first playlist. You might enjoy it, and feedback is much appreciated: http://8tracks.com/shunosaurus/not-dubstep

Thank you in advance!:)