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whatkindofgirl's Break-Up mix


Eleven tracks of pop-punk and rock, alternative, including music by 20Seconds%20to%20Mars" title="Search for mixes with 30 Seconds to Mars">30 Seconds to Mars, 20Loveletter" title="Search for mixes with Automatic Loveletter">Automatic Loveletter and 20Out%20Boy" title="Search for mixes with Fall Out Boy">Fall Out Boy.

11 tracks
4 comments on whatkindofgirl's Break-Up mix

I agree, old MCR rocks and TTTYG is by far my favorite 20Out%20Boy" title="Search for mixes with Fall Out Boy">Fall Out Boy album. (There probably would have been a lot more of it on this mix, except for the 2-track rule.) I chose Sixteen Candles specifically because it seems to me to talk about a problem in the relationship before sh*t happens and bitterness sets in. (Whereas most of TTTYG's break-up songs are written from a decidedly after-the-fact point of view.)
Still, glad you liked it!

excellent, ah old MCR is so much better then their new stuff in my opinion, I forgot how much I loved that song, also the fact that you included A Little Less Sixteen Candles was amazing, however, in my humble opinion I feel like Take This To Your Grave has better break up songs, but that might just be me