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I don't understand teen angst - A Modern Teenage Kylux AU


The ups and downs of two damaged boys that start hating each other and end up.
Track 1- Hello, my name is Kylo Ren
Track 2-Sometimes I just want to kick you in your pretty face
Track 3-I ̶d̶o̶n̶'̶t̶ find you that interesting
Track 4-I've got an idea (I promise this is a good one)
Track 5-Maybe your ideas are not so bad after all...
Track 6-You're way cooler than I want to credit you for
Track 7-This is only physical...right?
Track 8-I fucked up. Nothing new
Track 9-Anyone can be saved, even you and me
Track 10-Cuz in the end, you're all that matters

10 tracks
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